* I recently went to see Jane because I felt like there was a crossroad in my life and I wasn’t sure what decisions would be best.
I also had a very strong unsettling feeling of uncertainty and worry for the future.
Jane made me feel comfortable immediately with her warm nature. I didn’t speak much but she could tell me things that nobody else knew about my situation.
Everything just made sense in the end and I had a huge feeling of relief and clarity once the necessary guidance was given. Jane also didn’t rush things. Such a kind soul.
I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone facing some difficulty in their lives.

* Jane,
My girlfriend and I are so impressed with your card reading. How it predicted my girlfriend’s new job within a specified time-frame is beyond me. You mentioned certain changes around my work which actually accurred two days after the reading. The tarot section of our reading really helped me look at things from a different perspective.
Just keep doing what you do with those cards!

* I think we have to say “How do you do it?!!” WOW! You are so accurate! Your cards indicated my boss may branch out and there would be an opportunity for me within this to improve my finances. You said the cards told us this might occur around 31/5, just 6 weeks from our reading. At the time I told you I did not see how this would be possible. But you were right! My boss informed me (a few days before 31/5) she is increasing hours on a Saturday and wants me to work every 2nd Saturday. The deal was sealed a few days after 31/5!
Thanks again.

* Hi Jane,
The cards told you I may have a job opportunity that arises from a friend or someone I know. Just two hours later I had lunch with my mother’s friend and she asked me if I would like to be her nanny one day a week.
I can’t tell you how shocked I was!

* Hi Jane,
You read for me two weeks ago about provided to let you know your cards ended up being spot on about my dilemma!

* Thankyou Jane.
I very much appreciate your reading- you have some special cards there!! They are very accurate re my questions. I am now going to move on and stop looking behind me, let fate take its course and keep an eye out for any handsome foreigners!!!
An excellent reading, I will be recommending you to all of my friends.
Take Care,

* Jane, the cards were accurate, and allowed me to accept that my intuition is precise and it is time to move on, from many of my current situations!!

* Hi Jane,
I saw you mid last year and just so you know a lot of what you said would happen has actually happened. So thank you again.

* Hi Jane,
Your reading with your cards was wonderful. You are very a very inspirational person and have provided me the insight and clarification I needed so badly right now. I will definitely want to see you in the future as our phone appointment has been a real joy.

* Hello Jane,
I’d just like to say thankyou for your reading today. I can honestly say that after you spoke with me today, I no longer feel as though I am going crazy and imagining things! I feel more settled now after you confirming so many of the horrible current events that are taking place in my life.
Thankyou once again for your guidance and reassurance.
Sunshine Coast, Qld

* Dear Jane,
I wanted to let you know that you were spot on with your email reading you did for me nearly a year ago.  I am pregnant again and although I was not happy that you predicted it wouldn’t happen until much later in the year, possibly Oct you felt, you were correct. Thanks for giving me hope that it would happen again.

* Jane
Thank you greatly for today’s reading and divine words about my life and family… special animals too.

* My heart showers to you of gratitude,  genuine kindness how much joy you brought to me.

* Hi Jane
I got offered the position I wanted BUT there was a compromise I might have to make by doing longer working hours! Can’t believe how accurate you were/are. You said the 27th which is pretty close!!! Thank you so much.
I couldn’t believe it Jane!

* Hi Jane
Thank you so much for the reading this afternoon, you are so gifted and I’m glad I came to see you.
Gold Coast

* Hi Jane
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the reading and what I was able to get out of it. Thank you so much.


* Individual results vary. Each person’s experience is different

Mediumship testimonials

Hello Jane,

I came to visit you a year ago and I was a little bit of a sceptic as I had tried to make contact with my beautiful Mum one week before meeting you,

I instantly felt calm & at ease with you Jane.

It was all very overwhelming at the time as I was & still am grieving the loss of such a special soul.

Being able to record my reading was so helpful.
There was a couple of things that I didn’t understand or relate to at the time.

When I got home, we sat down as a family & listened to the recording.
This was when everything came together & totally made sense!
Mum was so very family oriented & through my reading she was able to in one way or another, mention everyone of her immediate family.
This has made our grieving a little easier to know that she has made it to the other side.

So Jane……. not only from me but from all of my Family, thank you for making a unbearable journey just a little easier.
I can’t wait to meet with you again xo
Peta Schurmann

*Hi Jane,
Just wanted to let you know I now know the names you mentioned but I didn’t acknowledge. My chef at work Jessie lost her partner to suicide this week. She was the one who found him, you mentioned her name and his surname but I didn’t know him. You really are incredible.
Thank you for the reading. I will be back in 6 months.

* Jane,
I have so much appreciation for your work and the effect the reading has had on my life. I am positive now that my husband is still with us and that is priceless.

* Hi Jane
Your reading brought me more comfort than I would have imagined after my husband passed away. I want to come and see you again. I feel happier to know Paul is there. It was truly a blessing to have him communicate.

* I just wanted to thank you again for meeting with me today. I can’t stop thinking of everything you were able to tell me. I was not sure if I believed or not until today. I am dumbfounded at your special gift. My family and I are so grateful. I will be back again soon to connect with my family on the other side.

* Hi Jane,
I wanted to get in touch to tell you how at peace I feel after your reading. Knowing my sister is still around has also meant a lot to my mum. She was pretty shocked when I told her you even mentioned my sister’s favorite yellow canary that only passed away recently. It was really amazing about those funny nicknames she talked about. What an incredible gift you are blessed with. I look forward to repeating the experience in time.

* Jane,
I just wanted to send a note for two reasons. First, to thank you. You have been one of the most influential people in helping me get my head right after the death of my son. You not only created an environment where I had many of the questions about him answered, but you provided some real key points for me to ponder on where I should be going in this last trimester of my life. Especially since so much has changed since his passing and I found myself completely lost.

Thank you, Jane. You really are the real deal. I will always remember how you brought me closer to him, when the distance was unbearable.

I think of you and speak of you often because you have helped me so much with your gift and wisdom.

Hugs to you, Jane.
Washington, DC

* Dear Jane,
Thank you so much for the excellent reading. It has provided me with much comfort. I am still awestruck by the validations that I received from my husband in the spirit world and shall look forward to repeating the experience in the future.

* Hi Jane,
I was quite impressed with the accuracy of my reading. You were able to confirm the address of my passed Uncles house.

As soon as you were able to communicate with him, it was mentioned that I wear a necklace in memory of my uncle. I was able to confirm with you that I wear a mushroom necklace especially for him, but was not wearing it on the day. You also knew his passing was between 2 and 3 years ago. You mentioned number 7 as a house address. My dad, my Nana and myself all live at a number 7.

I was also very impressed with the information that came through from my mum who passed away 7 years ago in relation to my work. Chickens, Sewing machines and “RSL” entertainment these were all linked to my work as a Lifestyle Coordinator in aged care. You were aware of a passing due to something in the brain (cancer of the brain) and that there was a period prior where she was hospitalized.

Thank you again for the reading, I really am looking forward to making another booking with you in a few months time. I appreciate the information that I received and this has given me hope to hold on to during hard times.

Kind Regards’

* Jane’s ability to pick up specific details is amazing. Over my life I have had countless readings off psychics but nothing like the reading Jane did for me. She told me specific names, memories and dates of both loved ones who have passed over and of my family members and current life.
It made me realise that there are really gifted readers out there.
Thank you Jane!
C.B. Brisbane (Name and address supplied)

* Hi Jane,
My grandmother who died 3 years ago was with us in the reading. She had a stroke and she mentioned that my mum had a locket of hers and she was catholic. I checked these details with my mum after I saw you and she confirmed this. You said my grandmother was aware of my bed being broken and that I had just bought a new one, and that my mum had just had her guttering fixed on the house and that my auntie was sick with a tummy problem. Seriously amazing thanks so much!
Angela, Gold Coast.

* Dear Jane,
You mentioned that there was a man in the spirit world who had connections with the naval boats which was my grandfather. You then said you were getting the name Robert or Bob. Well Robert was my grandfather’s name and Bob is my dad. You mentioned Harvey Bay but then realized they were trying to convey the name Harvey, not the place, which was my Grandmother’s surname. You saw that someone alive was having a problem with the brain. My mum is currently very very sick with alzheimer’s disease. Your reading has been really helpful.
Christy, Byron Bay.

* Hi Jane,
I’m sorry I was so emotional today when you read for me, but I just couldn’t believe how accurate you were and the stuff you came out with! My sister in law only died 2 weeks ago and immediately you knew there was a young woman who had died of cancer with us. You mentioned her love of her hair and that she was upset when it fell out which she was, as well as that her husband was a photographer and she herself played the violin. You also knew about me selling my house and that I had moved 2 weeks ago. I just wasn’t expecting anything like this when I came to see you. Your gift has given the family a lot of happiness.
Ron, Brisbane

* Hi Jane,
Your accuracy about so many details of my life were spot on. You said there was a man in spirit who was pointing to his heart you asked if I knew what that meant and yes it was my dad who had actually died suddenly of a heart attack. He also was showing you a picture of a joey. My dad rescued a joey once when we were holiday and I still have the picture of my dad holding the joey.

You said he was showing you Moggill Road on the way to Indooroopilly. This is the exact road and location my dad had his shop. You said he was saying it was a food related shop, which it was. You then gave me the name of Barry which was his name! My dad was talking about the name Fahey, which is the street my mother currently lives on. He spoke of his love of dancing and that he could see that I was in a happy new relationship and that my partner had connections with New York which is where he grew up!

You mentioned you could see a shark and thought it might have something to do with a tattoo. My partner has a tattoo of a shark that depicts it busting out of his skin.

Your reading has helped me relax and not to worry so much over concerns for the future as I know my dad is looking out for me from the spirit world.

Chris, Brisbane

* Jane,
I just wanted to send this quick email to thank you again for the reading you did for me yesterday. You probably hear this all the time but, knowing that my dad came through to you and that the chains that have held me in prison are sliding away it was very emotional for me.

Ever since I got back here to my partner and Australia, I have felt more free and more love than I ever have in my whole life. My father and his drinking was terrible when I was a child and he was abusive so to hear an acknowledgement from my family in spirit about these difficulties from the past and to hear evidence of my aunt who passed recently was very healing. Thank you again for the best reading I have ever had in my life and for sharing that my family is around me all the time and that I am loved and not alone. You have such an amazing gift and I wish you all the happiness and peace in the world.
Very Sincerely,


* Hi Jane,

Thank you so much, I have thought about some of the names you mentioned and connected a few, in particular Audrey my great aunt and it was her table clothes I have that you mentioned. Also Christian was a friend from high school who passed of a drug overdose. I saw him only a day before he passed. I feel there’s a peace that has settled on me. Thank you.


* Hi Jane

Thank you for the reading, you exceeded all expectations. The names I couldn’t place at the time my mum did, and many of the small bits of details you mentioned that I did not know about became clear, such as the instance of adoption you mentioned with my grandfather, and you mentioned his first wife’s name also who I had not known but my mum did. You described a particular piece of silverware that is important in my family in detail that was handed down.
I feel so optimistic now about my future. You mentioned the name of Colin who also I couldn’t place but shortly after my sister met Colin and began dating him.


* Hi Jane,

I feel so much more at peace with myself now and it was unbelievable you mentioned so many of my direct and extended family by name who passed over some time ago now. You even got the surname of my grandmother. You are amazing and incredible and I want to thank you again.

New York

* Hi Jane,

In my reading my friend’s deceased family came through which was a surprise to me. I wanted to let you know she was very emotional when I told her the details of what you had said. I’ll be back again.


* Hi Jane,
When I called my brother overseas to tell him that his wife who had passed over recently communicated in the reading he was able to explain about certain things you talked about. We were both blown away by what you spoke of. You are very gifted and I’ll look forward to seeing you again.
Byron Bay

* Hi Jane,
I came to see you today about my daughter Natalee. I could not believe you told me the things that you did for example the chair my girlfriend and I made her. The people who came through and you knew them by their first names!!! Unbelievable!! You have an amazing gift and I will definatley be coming back to see you. I will be and have been telling everyone I know!!!  What an amazing gift you have!! You are now my guide to my daughter and my loved ones in heaven. Thank you so much!!! My husband was a non believer before yesterday, after I came out and he listened to our reading he now believes!!!! Thank you so much for making two people very comforted in a world of pain.

* Dear Jane,
Knowing that my Grandma is there with me makes a world of difference. We all missed her so much when she passed last year but the details she talked about through you were amazing.  It was wonderful that my Aunt could also give her name and the family gives their gratitude to you to know that they are both ok and together!

Individual results vary. Each person’s experience is different.


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