Saturday March 9th – 7PM

 TICKETS $21.47

Sunny and Jane would love to welcome you to an intimate evening of communication with the spirit world. This will be a small gathering and will begin with renowned international medium Sunny Burgess guiding you on short meditation and an interesting talk on the spirit world. After this Jane will do a 45 minute demonstration of mediumship. During this time, several people in the audience will receive communication from loved ones who have passed over.  Factual details are given out as evidence from the loved one in spirit, sometimes their name, their street, specific memories of their life, and descirptions of special items they may have owned . These events are filled with love and laughter. There will be light refreshments afterwards.Jane has demonstrated her spiritual gifts hundreds of times for audiences thoughout South East Queensland for several years. Look forward to seeing you on the night. 



Join Jane and Sunny Burgess for an informal evening of mediumship at Carina in Brisbane.  Saturday Feb 2nd 2019. Tickets are $21.47 available on Eventbrite on the button below. 

Sunny will be doing a short guided meditation. Jane will then do the mediumship demonstration for approx 45 minutes. Your loved ones from the world of Spirit will bring messages of love and proof of survival  of death to some members of the audience. Stay for a chat and light refreshments.

7pm- 8.30pm approx.