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I recently went to see Jane because I felt like there was a crossroad in my life and I wasn’t sure what decisions would be best.
I also had a very strong unsettling feeling of uncertainty and worry for the future.
Jane made me feel comfortable immediately with her warm nature. I didn’t speak much but she could tell me things that nobody else knew about my situation.
Everything just made sense in the end and I had a huge feeling of relief and clarity once the necessary guidance was given. Jane also didn’t rush things. Such a kind soul.
I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone facing some difficulty in their lives.

Hello Jane,

I came to visit you a year ago and I was a little bit of a sceptic as I had tried to make contact with my beautiful Mum one week before meeting you,

I instantly felt calm & at ease with you Jane.

It was all very overwhelming at the time as I was & still am grieving the loss of such a special soul.

Being able to record my reading was so helpful.
There was a couple of things that I didn’t understand or relate to at the time.

When I got home, we sat down as a family & listened to the recording.
This was when everything came together & totally made sense!
Mum was so very family oriented & through my reading she was able to in one way or another, mention everyone of her immediate family.
This has made our grieving a little easier to know that she has made it to the other side.

So Jane……. not only from me but from all of my Family, thank you for making a unbearable journey just a little easier.
I can’t wait to meet with you again xo
Peta Schurmann


Hi Jane,
Just wanted to let you know I now know the names you mentioned but I didn’t acknowledge. My chef at work Jessie lost her partner to suicide this week. She was the one who found him, you mentioned her name and his surname but I didn’t know him. You really are incredible.
Thank you for the reading. I will be back in 6 months.

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