Please include the backstory or details you feel may be beneficial for me to know while doing your spreads. 
This way I can be as specific and as helpful as possible in my answers. Ie, try not to be general. If your question is unclear or too general I will need to ask you to clarify which can mean a delay in getting started on your reading.
Sometimes when many details are offered to me, I am able to also clarify things for you which you might not have asked about or thought about which is always a bonus and always helpful for you which is my aim!

For example

X WRONG WAY:  “Tell me about work” is not the best way to phrase your question.
RIGHT WAY: “I am not sure what direction I should go for career, I am drawn toward health science at uni, and also business and IT.  I am currently working as an after school care assistant. I would like any clarity or guidance the cards have please”